【New Arrival】 MinSu TR2015 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner $163.99 Shipped With Coupon: MINsuTR

MinSu TR2015 Smart Robotic Vacuum Cleaner 

URL: http://goo.gl/i8sNRy
Coupon: MINsuTR  
Price: $163.99

Main Features
● Smart voice guide
Get a smart housekeeper for your family

● 4 kinds of cleaning modes 
Auto cleaning / spot cleaning / border cleaning / schedule cleaning 

● anti-bump and anti-drop
IR sensor and mechanical anti-collision system allows it avoid the obstacles and change direction automatically

● Climbing ability
Capable of climbing 15 degrees slope

● Super compatibility
Automatically adjusts to all floor types - wooden, compound, plastic, ceramic and marble floors, carpet (within 15mm)

● Auto recharge
Automatically docks and recharges when power is about to run out

● Max 800Pa suction values
Vacuuming, sweeping and mopping all in one

● 50dB low noise
Provides you a quiet and comfortable house

● Slim body
Slim body design ensures the unite goes easily under the sofas, beds, kickstands, etc.

● Touch control / remote control
Easy operation with remote controller, or auto clean all at one touch

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