IQI I2 3G Smartwatch Phone with Quad Core 512MB RAM 4GB ROM

The wearables market is maturing now and industry has understood the needs of the consumers, as to what exactly they expect from a wearable like a smartwatch. The consumers are certainly not ready to purchase a watch that is worth a smartphone and those who can afford it are not satisfied with the looks and appeal the watches. So in a bid to make them affordable chinese OEMs are racing each other and releasing smartwatch phones. One recent is the IQI I2.

The IQI 12 runs Android 5.1, the 3G smart watch offers a great intuitive interface. Everything you like about Android you will be able to enjoy on this smart watchs compact screen including access to the Play Store. Load up on games and apps and make full use of the smart watchs 4GB of internal memory. Sporting 3G connectivity on a nano SIM, it can easily double as a phone letting you make and receive calls right on the watch. 

Bluetooth 4.0 and Wi-Fi support ensure smooth communication with other devices. Hook up you smartphone for more functionality, the watch supports Android and iOS smartphones with a dedicated app that puts all the important info to your wrist. 

Featuring IP54 rating, the watch wont mind a few drops of rain. It comes with a pedometer for encouraging physical activity and a heart rate monitor for giving you feedback to your bodys reaction to workouts. You will also have Google Maps and popular social media apps such as Facebook and Twitter updating you through out the day without having to get your phone out. 

The smartwatch phone is up for order now and is a pretty good competitor to other smartwatches out there. Grab the IQI I2 smartwatch phone here.

Watch the video and learn more about the IQI I2. 

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