Similarities between UMi Max and Apple iPhone

After the official specifications and design unveiling of the UMi Max, the tech world has been abuzz about the phone. What is it that makes the UMi Max special? Well, let’s take a look, and see how it is similar to the holy grail of smartphones - the Apple iPhone.

The rear of the UMi Max, compared to the iPhone
Many users have liked the UMi Max body, which comes in Gunmetal Gray and Bling Gold. However, the antenna lines on the Max have been fine tuned, made more suitable for the Gunmetal Gray of the UMi Max. According to first-hand experience, this looks much better than the iPhone.

Similar anodizing process as the Apple iPhone
The meta-bodied UMi Max uses the same anodizing process as the Apple iPhone. It also uses a high-strength aluminium, strong CNC structures to give it some extra strength and High-speed blasting process. It is polished using a diamond knife for the highest levels of precision and quality. The rear of the UMi Max also has an UMi logo which is created using laser engraving technology, highlighting the high life.

Beyond the symmetry of iPhone, pursue the ultimate visual aesthetics
Umi max Metal body design is the three-metal fuselage design, fingerprint and lens symmetry, speakers and microphone symmetry, buttons positions symmetry. Umi max engineers repeatedly to change the overall design of the phone body, it is to achieve symmetry of visual aesthetics. A more symmetric phone than iPhone!
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