SingHong Smart Lighting Review

We wanted to take a look at a few smart lighting solutions made by SingHong. They have a pretty cool smart LED light string, which is mainly designed for outdoor use and a smart lightbulb. Learn more in our review. 

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SingHong Smart LED Lighting Review: UNBOXING

The LED string comes with some screws, in case you want to attach it to the stairs, some paperwork and a power cord.
The lightbulb comes just with some paperwork.
The setup of the LED string is pretty straightforward. All you have to do is connect all the cables, power the LED string up and you are good to go.

SingHong Smart LED Lighting Review: FEATURES

Basically, the Singhong LED string is like any other smart LED solution but it is designed for outdoor use. It has IP-65 rating, meaning that it is waterproof, so you can just leave it outdoors.

Also, both the string and LED light bulb are controlled with your smartphone using a proprietary app and Bluetooth connectivity.

Within the app, you can change the colours, adjust the brightness or colour temperature, set the turn on/off schedules, set the timer and so on.
Also, you choose from a variety of different scenes, which look pretty cool. Finally, the light can flash along with the rhythm of the music.

SingHong Smart LED Lighting Review: CONCLUSIONS
The LED string costs almost $40 and the light bulb costs $14. Sure, there may some other smart lighting solutions in the market but since the ones made by SingHong have been working fine so far and here were no connectivity or other issues, these products can be recommended to buy.

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