[ Limited Stock Flash Sale ] GARMIN Edge 25 IPX7 Waterproof GPS Bike Computer

URL:    http://www.gearbest.com/bike-computers/pp_357718.html?lkid=10263645
Flash sale price:    $131.99

[ Main Features ]

GARMIN Edge 25 bike computer, a lightweight GPS-based device for cyclists. Loaded with data, Edge 25 tracks your distance, speed, location and elevation with high sensitivity GPS. It will provide you with a finely-turned analysis of your ride while equipped with an ANT + heart rate monitor and speed cadence. Designed for cycling enthusiasts with chivalry.

  • Tracks time, distance, speed and heart rate
  • Plan, download and follow new rides
  • Save, plan and share your activities at Garmin Connect
  • IPX7 waterproof rating, durable device
  • Connected features, for instant data upload and live track
  • 8 hours work time

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