What About Building A PC That Is Quite Chinese?

Are you a DIY PC lover?

Have you ever built your own PC?

Have you ever tried to build one that is very Chinese? Almost all the PC parts are from Chinese manufacturers?

If interested, you could probably love this supercharge-your-PC promotion?

DIY Combo

Gearbest recommends you two combos. Combo1 is more advanced and Combo 2 tends to be entry-level.
You can choose from Segotep, Colorful, Maxsun, Netac, Aigo and Kingdian. Especially, Netac and Kingdian SSD offer fair prices considering the SSD and flash are all rising in prices in the market.
Besides, the Segotep cases looks so cool. Maybe gamers would love them?
If you buy the whole combo, you could save a lot! For example, combo 1 could save you $223.29 and you get it at $936.92 in total.

Other PC Parts
You could find more pc parts in this section. Orico and Blueenbdless enclosures could help your SSD and HDD. Colorful and Maxsun Video cards have good market shares in China. Especially Colorful dominates the Chinese market.

Mini PC
Of course, only for some video watching, mini pc can meet your demand.

Gaming Keyboard and Mouse
You have a Game PC and how could you not gear up with one gaming keyboard and mouse?

Cant wait to build one? Visit here to find more!

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