Gearbest 3rd Anniversary Daily News 03.16 : 3.33$ Add-Ons

For orders over $60, pay just $3.33 for an epic Add-On Item. For those who want more for even less, these are some of the easiest savings available on some of our best gear. We're confident you'll find something hot at an ice-cool price.

How to add on items?
1. Add your favorite products into the cart.
2. Enter the shopping cart.
3. Click 'Check items redeemed'.
4. Choose the product you want to redeem.
5. The item(s) in your cart can be purchased now.

Tips for 3.33$ Add-Ons:
1. Please confirm the minimum redemption value before you select items in your cart.
2. Please check the program details, and whether the item is participating in the redemption.
3. Please note that if you return goods, the redemption product must also be returned to us.
4. Presale products cannot be redeemed, please select standard products.
5. Products from the same warehouse can be Add-on.
6. Limited stock for redemption. First come, First served (payment time says it).

Daily 3.33$ Add-Ons:
With 3.33$, you can add on and buy Gocomma Roidmi 2S Bluetooth V4.2 Transmitter Car Charger.  There are 200pcs for Add-Ons promo, over 200pcs orders, our price concessions will be canceled to restore the original price 13.99$.

Meanwhile, only 3.33$, you can take it away: 3m x 3m LED Curtain Light String. 50pcs limited for Add-Ons promo, over 50pcs, then our price concessions will be canceled to restore the original price 13.65$.

Keep your eyes on the latest cool tech promo-list, let us seek for next top must-have gadgets. Crave some bargains and want to save BIG? Just hit up all our bargains: enjoy our coupons, Add-ons and rock Gearbest Party storm.

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