How to save money in Gearbest

1st     The Deal area in the site
On the homepage of Gearbest,there us a deal area,just like this :

In this area,we have two kinds of deal: Gadget Deals and $0.99 Zone

In Gadget Deals area,we can choose the deal by product category,at the same time we can choose by the price/sales 

On the other hand,we can choose different price deals in $0.99 Zone

Although the price is less than $ 1,  in Spanish we are still free shipping.

2nd   Special coupon outside the website

If you are so lucky to get a special coupon code outside the website.Then how to use it Gearbest ? Let me tell you more details:

For example :  When I found a coupon code in some forum (or any other website) just click the link: 

Now the price is  228,91€,click the “Add to Cart ” Click the “View My Cart”,enter the code which you have,then just click the “Apply”. you will find the price is less than before to buy this MI5 phone.

3rd  Pay the order by My Points

You will get some points in the past you shopping in GB,you can check your  points.
Tips : each 50 points equals 1$.

Then let me show you how to buy cheaper products with these points:
We choose the keyboard just like this one, cost 40,28€.Follow the steps to enter the page where the order was generated.
Noted:you must have more than 50 points,then it will pop up this page. as you  see below we use 100 point  then price changed into 38,45 Europe.

The page for more details of Points:

4th Get it free

Copy this link and share it,If there are any new users through your link registered GB account and successful consumption, you can get a free product.
The rules are as follows:

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