Amkov AMK5000(clone Gopro) VS sj4000-video

Hey guys, I want to introduce you an interesting product, the Amkov AMK5000 , compared to SJ4000, which already has a great camera (considerable cost). It seems to me that it is improved in managing the exposure electronic, especially in passages from light to dark.

AMK5000 offers the Highest Picture Clarity. High definition video recording and playback of incredible videos recorded. Unlike SJ4000, with only 12 megapixels, AMK5000 is equipped with a 14MP CMOS, for better image capture and quality.
Wider-angle and 4x digital zoom help to capture more details. Broader perspective renders live-action better. Lens of AMK5000 is composed entirely of six-piece glass, an improvement over the 5-piece SJ4000.

While only proprietary accessories can be fitted to SJ4000, the AMK5000 is compatible with most GoPro accessories on the market. You use the AMK5000 for endless possibilities by adding accessories. 

 Compared to the SJ4000’s 900mAh battery, the AMK5000 improves capacity to 1150mAh, up to 2.5 Hours working time. 

 AMKOV SJ5000 (AMK5000) VS SJ4000 SJCAM WiFi Video:

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