[ Professional Review ] Liitokala Lii - 500 LCD Battery Charger

URL:    http://goo.gl/QIB1Zg 
Price:    $25.59
Coupon:    LiitokalaGB

"I like the user interface, put a couple of batteries in and select mode/current with the respective buttons. As long as the number keys are not touched the selection is for all slots (Showing all slot numbers would have been nice)."

"The charger is very good at charging LiIon, but stops a bit early on NiMH."

"The fast test works fine on LiIon, but with NiMH it shows too much capacity (the full test looks more correct)."

"As usual I am not impressed with the resistance function."

"The usb output has very low noise, but need multiple cells to work well with 1A load."

 "The final result must be that it is a good charger with a useful analyze function."

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Original writer:  HKJ @ BLF & CPF
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