[Review]Mobius C2 Mini Action Camera

Mobius C2 1080p 30fps camera review

Official website: https://www.mobius-actioncam.com/
Product link: http://goo.gl/FgWLko
Price: $69.29USD w/ free shipping


For a while now, the Mobius camera is one that I have recommended to RFD users as one of the top dashcams to get. Today, I am reviewing the Mobius action camera with the all new C2 lens. The Mobius has been around for quite some time. I originally purchased my Mobius (B lens) back in 2013 and have been using it ever since as a rear dashcam in my daily driver. The Mobius developers have released 4 versions of the camera to date.

How has the Mobius improved or changed over the years? The primary change has been the lens. The four production lenses are: A, B, C and C2 -- each with varying properties (such as FOV, colour balance). The remaining hardware has mostly remained the same with some minor internal tweaks (ie. brighter LED, bigger battery, minor circuitry changes). Developer support and firmware updates have also been a huge part of the evolution of the Mobius. You can expect a new firmware to be released (free) every few weeks or months for various bug fixes, added features, or optimization. There is an extremely easy to use GUI (PC and Mac) for users to change settings and update firmware. The developer recommends using the newest lens and most up to date firmware for the best performance. See official website for more information on GUI and firmware revision history.

The Mobius is designed to be an action camera first. The newer Mobius cameras have an 820mAh (up from 520mAh) battery rated for over 2 hours of working time. The camera is straight forward to use out of the box 1) charge via mini-USB port, 2) insert microSD card, 3) record. Video quality is fairly good at 1080p 30fps (see original sample videos). The Mobius comes with a standard tripod attachment which means there are a various mounts you can use. There are also some mounting packages and accessories (ie. waterproof case) available.

The Mobius can also be used as a respectable dashcam. Using the GUI, a ton of settings can be tweaked to optimize the Mobius for dashcam use, such as: auto start-stop, loop recording, clip length, flip video, motion detection, power off delay, colour balance, resolution/fps, time stamp, etc. IMO, the Mobius makes an ideal dashcam due to its discrete form factor and ability to house a capacitor (see post below for capacitor install). Note: the Mobius does not come with a lengthy USB cable or suction/tape mount out of the box.

The Mobius has been around for just over 2 years now. In that time, a ton of other cameras have been released with better hardware, firmware, and overall performance. I would actually recommend the Xiaomi Yi as a better budget action camera. Similarly, I would recommend the Mini 0805 (or 0806) as a better budget dashcam.

On the other hand, the Mobius has managed to stay relevant as it does have unique features. It is versatile and can be used as both a full-fledged dashcam or actioncam (quadcopters too!). You are getting ongoing developer support with a huge community. Based on price, form factor, and ability to house a capacitor -- there aren't many other cameras that can compete with the Mobius. If you are looking for this niche camera, the Mobius is still a respectable camera and one that I would recommend for the money.

Sample Clips:

Recorded with lastest firmware v2.37


Remove screws and open up the Mobius, you will see this:

Add some adhesive so the capacitor won't move around. I stuck it onto the SD card holder.

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