Review and unboxing: $68.99 Shipped Hetai Nautilus Waterproof WiFi 1080P Full HD Action Camera Camcorder

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Now you can get this cool action camera at Gearbest there 

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Small size, Light weight, High video quality,loop recording,motion detection.and we add a WIFI function of a remote control,you can control it recording or download file via your smartphone.As you put a mini computer screen on your hand!These features make your best tool for recording your adventure and fun.
Always carry it with you to record your fun while enjoying at a party, cycling, driving, climbing, flying, paragliding,Even the diving,Whatever your activity is.


The nautilus cam has OV2710 sensor and can record video at 1080p resolution @ 30fps or at 720p resolution @ 60fps.
It is waterproof upto 5 meters deep.
It has built in Wi-Fi that's great for setting the FOV angle as well as for live view monitoring.
You have to download iSmart DV app to use the Wi-Fi feature.

Package contents: 

1 x Nautilus cam
1 x Nautilus cam tripod mount Holder
1 x USB cable (mine had 2 cables) 
1 x AV-OUT cable
1 x Velcro
1 x User manual
1 x 16GB microSD card (Not sure if it's included but mine had one)
1 x microSD card reader (Not sure if it's included but mine had one)

This is the smallest package I've ever seen. It's around 4.25" x 3" x 1.75".
The whole box fits in/on a palm.
Here's how the box looks side-by-side with normal dashcam product box:

The camera is in a metallic housing.
Front has just the lens.
Also here is BulletHD and Innovv C3 body for size comparison.

The Nautilus cam doesn't have any button on the sides:DSC02768-small.jpg 
Bottom of the Nautilus cam is covered by a rubberized cover for waterproof operation.
Bottom has proprietary mini USB kind of port, reset hole and microSD slot:

The Nautilus cam doesn't have any button on the sides:

User manual page 1:
User manual page 2:

Buttons and features:
$_57 (3).JPG 

The Nautilus action camera has great build quality.
It feels solid and buttons also have good feel.
The tripod mount fits very snug with the camera so it should hold it good during use.

Charging the Nautilus cam currently which seems to take a long time.
Once it's fully charged, it's supposed to last for over 1.5 hurs.
I'll do some DIY type mount to use as a dashcam.

Here's unboxing video:

It's funny how things work out.
I was wondering on how to mount it in the car and voila, my car already had the mount all ready for it.
This is the advantage of having multiple dashcams and leaving their mount attached on the windshield even when the dashcam is not there. 
Now who can guess what dashcam the mount belongs to? ;)

Wi-Fi connection details...

First, you have to download iSmart DV app by Astrotek Technology Ltd.
Turn the Nautilus Nemo's Eye camera on and press 'M' button for over 3 seconds to turn on the Wi-Fi.
You'll see faint bluish blinking with red LED light. It almost looks pink LED when the Wi-Fi is on.

Click the iSmart DV app in your phone:

Select Action DVR Wi-Fi network:

Once connected, camera preview window is open.
Here you can look at the live view and set angle or monitor.
On top left, video resolution/mode is displayed.
Below that, there is an icon for settings. Not all the settings are available in Wi-Fi, you have to update the update.txt for more settings.
On the bottom left, there is an icon to access saved video files but can't play in the app, just to download or delete.
On the bottom center, there is a red icon for record and on the right, there are icons to switch between photo and video modes.


Saved video files:


After selecting video files, you'll get option to download or delete files:

Wi-Fi settings menu: Only these options are available here.

The iSmart DV app works pretty good.
Video samples:
Overcast day:

Sunny day:

Sunny day at high speed under overpass/bridges:
Overall Summary:
Considering the low price and form factor (size) of the Nautilus Nemo's Eye action camera, video quality is very good.

This Nautilus Nemo's Eye is a very small, compact action camera with over 1.5 hours battery life plus it's waterproof for those who like water sports like surfing, water-ski, jet-ski etc...
Can use as a dashcam as well as action cam when needed outside the car or vice versa depending upon what the primary use is.
Tripod mount bracket makes it easier to mount anywhere with appropriate accessories like handlebar mount.
Also has Wi-Fi that works pretty good.
It's a small package that has a lots of features that usually only are available in expensive dashcams.

Video quality impression: 

As shown in the video samples above, the video quality is very good considering the price and form factor (size) of the camera.
Very good VBR @ 18mbps.

Audio quality impression: 
1. Audio quality has no distortion and sounds fairly fine except the volume is lower than normal volume.
2. Audio has little hollow/hall type quality. It could be due to the waterproof housing.
Listen to audio in the videos above.
2. There is slight hiss on the video, specially when the camera is stationary.

I've sent these feedback to the manufacturer and they are working on improving it even more. 

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