Ultra-Cheap Outdoor Gear

#1    LED Nylon Safety Armband Red Light


URL:    http://goo.gl/z1VJ9N

Price:    $1.62

[ Mean Features ]
  • This is a very durable band and can easily be separated from the light stick for cleaning. 
  • There is only one smaller patch of velcro so if you have skinny arms you may need to wear a T-shirt if you want to wear it around you upper arm to keep it from slipping down. 
  • A great all around product and addition to the tools to help keep people safe on the roads.
  • The product is suitable for: Outdoor sports, Night running, Festival party, Concert, Promotion, Cheer, Employee benefits, Large-scale activities in company etc.


#2    Magic Summer Ice Cold Towel


URL:    http://goo.gl/5aGsR5

Price:    $0.9

[ Main Features ]
  • Great water-absorbency and breathability, keep you cool for hours during a workout, hard ride, tough climb, etc.
  • UV protection, protect your skin from sun's burning
  • 87 x 33cm cooling towel for all sports, all terrains, all purpose, etc.
  • 47g lightweight, comfortable to wear


#3    EDCGEAR EMT Survival Scissors

URL:    http://goo.gl/5aGsR5

Price:    $3.56

[ Main Features ]
  • Made of stainless steel and with the titanium processing of the blade surface, not easy to rust or corrode
  • With serrated design, easy to cut nylon fabric or other hard objects
  • With a circular hole to strip wire
  • Ergonomic handle design, comfortable to use
  • Suitable for camping, mountaineering, travelling, cycling, running, climbing, backpacking, etc.

#4    EDCGEAR 4 in 1 Multifunctional Lighter Holder

URL:    http://goo.gl/GZI7jz

Price:    $6.17

[ Main Features ]
  • Made of 420 stainless steel, very durable
  • Multifunctional design, containing knife, scissor, screw and bottle opener
  • Can be compatible with the noble BIC J6 model of the lighter
  • Mini size, easy to carry


#5    EDCGEAR Ladybird-shaped Nail Clipper

URL:    http://goo.gl/zyod3u

Price:    $2.66

[ Main Features ]

  • Made of martensitic stainless steel, very durable
  • With multifunction, could be used as nail clipper, knife and hook for fishing
  • With a copper hole to string on rope, convenient to carry


#6    EDCGEAR D2 Triangle Keychain Buckle

URL:    http://goo.gl/G32W2m

Price:    $2.33

[ Main Features ]
  • Nickel-free rack plating technology, great durability and safety to use
  • Inside dimension of hook: 24mm, suitable for 24mm ribbon
  • Mini size, easy to carry

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