[Deal & Review] ORDRO Q505W WiFi Car DVR Dash Cam Review

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ORDRO Q505W WiFi Car DVR Dash Cam

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-A7LA55 provides quality 1080p30 or 1296p30 footage.
-Good quality night footage also
-WiFi lets you view a live feed, but not in the same way a blackvue cam does, since it has a screen.
-Action cam mode
-Cloud/Internet mode to view live feed anywhere over the internet
-Very compact design
-While I did not like the provided suction cup mount, the "sliding" mount piece was very nice.


-WiFi app left a lot to be desired. you can not record in dashcam mode while wifi is on. You can access the cam local or anywhere in the world with the cloud mode, but if you activate the cloud mode, its not recording according to the manual. I was able to test the wifi mode and you can manually start recording from the app but its not like its constantly recording. I was unable to get a live feed from the cloud mode but according to the manual it acts the same as wifi but over the internet. You have to activate the cloud mode on the cam before hand, and its not recording at that point.
-Suction cup mount should be replaced with something better, my video shows another option.
-all the menu options are not available on the cam, you must access some options like resolution or g sensor/motion sensor options from the wifi app.
-If they want it to be used as an action cam, a water proof case would be nice.

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