[Promotions] The Top 1 Tablet in 2015? Come and Check it out! Low to $79.99!!!

Which will be the best tablet in 2015? The one with latest windows 10 OS & the hottest Intel Cherry Trail CPU? Or the lowest price? Or fast delivery from our UK&US warehouse? Here are some options of the best tablet in 2015. It's you to decide which will be the winner. 

Activity URL: http://goo.gl/auvWNv

Date: Oct. 22 18:00 - Oct. 27 18:00

Hot Ones:

Chuwi Vi10 (Amount: US Plug 80 pieces, EU plug 20 pieces)

URL: http://goo.gl/2FXvcx 
Activity Price: $149.99

Cube T8 (Amount: US Plug 30 pieces, EU plug 10 pieces, UK plug 10 pieces)
URL: http://goo.gl/cVXJN1 
Activity Price: $79.99 !!!!

Onda v989 (Amount: US Plug 100 pieces)
URL: http://goo.gl/vIraDW 
Activity Price: $127.69
chuwvi Hi8 (Amount: US Plug 80 pieces, EU plug 60 pieces, UK plug 20 pieces)
URL: http://goo.gl/juMfp9 
Activity Price: $86.99

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