Teamgee TG - G3 Electric Unicycle Scooter

Price:    $239.99

This is a self-balancing electronically controlled high-tech unicycle. It is a revolution in personal transportation. It is environmentally friendly designed with an amazingly high energy efficiency. It can go from the metro station to home or school, or go from the office to the park. The on-board gyroscope and inertial monitoring technology makes automatic adjustments to the engine speed and power hundreds of times per second. It is the smallest, lightest and newest device, small enough to pack in your backpack or easy to drive wherever you want. It takes an hour to learn how to dominate a whole day then it may already highly addictive. Be a pioneer - you try it.

[ Specifications ]

  • Maximum permissible gradient: 15 - 30 degree ( depends on the body weight )
  • Battery: 132WH lithium polymer battery
  • Propulsion radius: 15 - 18km
  • The maximum load: 120kg 
  • The maximum speed: 18km / h
  • Suitable temperature: -10 - 40 degree centigrade
  • Charger voltage: AC 220V 50 - 60Hz
  • Charging time: 45 - 60 minutes
  • Tilt protection: 45 degree
  • Speed limit protection: Open speed limit protection when at speed of 12 km / h 
  • Tire size: 14 inches

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