[Big News]Original Xiaomi Yi 1080P Car WiFi DVR is coming!!!!

Nice day for you.

I have a big news for u all. 

The Latest and hottest action camera is arrival!!!!! Pls put your hands up!!

Product's link: http://www.gearbest.com/car-dvr/pp_268948.html

It will presale in next week!!

This article is from Lucy's cooperator——el Producente:

NEW! The Xiaomi Yi Dashboard Camera:

It doesn’t look like a new action camera or a successor of the Xiaomi Yi action camera, but a new product line: a dashcam!

The new Xiaomi Yi camera features f1.8 aperture and a 165° viewing angle.

As far as I got the translation right, it will feature a 3MP sensor which will be very light sensitive to record while driving at nigh, in tunnels or in underground parking lots. The camera will record videos in 1080p with 60fps, maybe there is a 2K option.

It will also feature a 6-axis gravity sensor to recognize movement.

There will also be a 2,7″ live view display at the back:

The screen has a 2,7″ diameter in 16:9 format and seems to be a touch display,

and the dashcam will feature wifi and be able to connect to the Xiaomi Yi app.

The battery will only have 240 mAh, but the main purpose, I guess, will be powering via the car as it is a dash cam. It furthermore seems to be built in.

There will be two versions of the cam in gray and gold priced 289 / 349 yuan (45 / 54 USD) in China! See retailers below.


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