Do you know why Chinese people send apple as gift in Christmas Eve?

Today is Christmas Eve in China, everyone gets exciting and prepares for Christmas day tomorrow, so does Gearbest. We prepared a lot of apple as Christmas Eve gifts send to our workers and friends in this morning. 
I guess you may feel confused why Chinese people send apple each other in Christmas Eve. If you keep read this article, then you will find the answer at the end. 
As a big country with internationalization and globalization, a lot of foreign festivals are getting popular in China, especially Christmas day. When I was in primary school I heard about Christmas at the first time. Then, when I attended to middle school, we started send apple as gifts to our friends and classmates in Christmas Eve.Nowadays, send apple to friends and family had already become a tradition in Chinese Christmas Eve. 
#1 Why we send apple to friends and family in Chinese Christmas Eve.

1) In Chinese language, the pronunciation of Christmas Eve is “Ping An Ye” and the pronunciation of apple is “Ping Guo”. Both of the two words pronounce begin with “Ping” and “Ping” means safe and peace in Chinese language. Therefore, Chinese people think send friends apple in Christmas Eve means the best wishes and may bring good luck to their friends in the next year. That’s why Chinese people like to send apple as gift to each other in Christmas Eve.
2) 苹果 (píngguǒ) means apple. 苹 (píng) sounds the same as 平 (píng) in the word 平安 (píng’ān), which means "safe" and "secure." It’s a big thing currently for youth to buy apples as gifts for their friends and relatives on Christmas Eve, or “平安夜 (ping’ān yè).” They are used as gifts to express good wishes, safety, and security.China is especially superstitious with gifts, so it’s important to study up before giving your Chinese friends anything. For instance, did you know it’s bad to give someone a clock as a present?? 

3) The Chinese word for apple, pingguo, sounds a lot like the Chinese word for Christmas Eve, ping’an ye, and, as such, a tradition has formed.Besides ping of "pínɡ ɡuǒ", sounds the same as ping of "pínɡ ān"(safe; safety).So people give red apples for Christmas gifts to wish you peace!

4) Just on Christmas eve.In my opinion, the Chinese translation for Christmas eve is pinganye...

      In the same time, apple is called pingguo in Chinese...
      The similar pronunciation makes us Chinese think it's good luck to give out apple as gifts in Christmas eve.

  5) Yes, we do.
      In Chinese, "apple" sounds "ping an"
      Ping an means safety. We also call apple, safety fruit.
      So, great meaning.

#2 Do you know what this HanZi means? 平

#3 How will you you celebrate Christmas  with your friends and family?

Here are some celebration pictures for your reference:


      We Gerabest wish you a Merry Christmas time with your friends , enjoy the holidays and have a prosperous New Year!

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