【Merry Christmas from Vapor Gearbest 】Why Chinese people send apple as gift in Christmas Eve? 2016-12-24

Dear friends,

Merry Christmas to you ~~~

No matter where you are now,hope that you can hear the wishs from me,from Gearbest!

Today,we don't talk about products,ADs,just want to say something you can know more about us,thank you for listening!

What will you do in Christmas? What will you do Christmas Eve?

As far as I know,Christmas in your site,it just like our New Year!
You all will prepare gifts,candy to your friends,right? so great!we do the same thing as you in our New Year.

But in Christmas Eve,we also will do a very meanningful thing. It is that we will send an apple to our friends.it is very popular in China.
Do you know why?

Welcome to join in our discussion~~
(PS:tomorrow is weekend in our site,we will not at work.So,say Merry Christmas to you at the first time!!!)

Some picture from our Christmas Eve!!!

If you are looking for some deal from Xmas, here is the link:https://goo.gl/yth7U9

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